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crafty cat behaviour crafty cat behaviour crafty cat behaviour
crafty cat behaviour
crafty cat crafty cat crafty cat
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Every cat has a favourite spot to rest, sleep and keep a watchful eye on us and everything - normally this is a cushion or sunny window spot. However some cats have different ideas, what ever your cats fav spot is share it with us.
Louise - My 4 yr old ginger tabby Clyde loves curling up on plastic bags and in small boxes (for example puzzle boxes). he's quite a large cat so it is amusing watching him squeezing into a tiny box and sleeping. The only way to get him to settle is to place a plastic bag, a magazine or a box anywhere you want and he will run to it. Bless.
Nanda - Our cat has many favourite places. When we use the computer he will lie between you and the keyboard, not always very handy, but always very warm. We once had to pick our cat up from his temporary home during the summer holidays, we could not find him. Where we found him? He was on top of all the cages in the smallest basket that was left by an other owner. Let me also tell you that our cat is huge! Once he needed to be checked by the vet and heÝthought we used too small a cage for transporting him, but he just loves cramped spaces. The smaller, the better.
cuiniMacarena from Chile - My Cuini loves small and hidden places, but she also likes to be on top of the computer monitor when we are working. She is always looking for new places to hid, specially inside closets, inside bags, cardboard boxes, etc...It doesn't matter if they are small, she always manages to get in there.
cuiniDiana - Tigger likes sleeping in all sorts of odd places. The latest is a plat pot saucer! I had just moved the big plant into the garden and came back in to discover him sitting in the saucer! As you can see from the attached photo, he is not a small cat, but like many others, enjoys squeezing himself into small spaces.
Jennifer - Cape Town, South Africa. My three Siamese cats love perching and sleeping on top of my video recording machine which is on top of two decoders (pay TV devices) on top of a desk in my bedroom. So I have a pile of black plastic "boxes" and this is where they like to perch, sometimes two at a time. I can never understand the appeal of this, as it can't be very comfortable! They also enjoy perching on top of the TV next to this pile, where I think they have a good all round view of what's going on. My youngest Siamese Misty who although fully grown, is small, also enjoys sitting very solemnly and unblinkingly on top of my PC as I type. My large ginger tabby Cosmo enjoys sleeping on the highly polished dining room table in the evening. He stretches out luxuriously and particularly enjoys sleeping on anything which has been left on the table. During summer, he will sometimes lie on his back, legs in the air, directly under the overhead fan - so clever! I just love them to bits!
Kate Stokes from Barry - My cats favourite spot for lying is in the small flower pot on top of a strawberry plant... we havent had strawberries for a number of years know as she squashes all the flowers.
Lara, Midnite, Majik, Merlyn & Melisante - Two cats and two kittens - but the most unusual of all is Majik, who loves sleeping in our bathroom sink (or the lid of our washbasket or a bucket). And the wetter the better!!! When they were much younger, they used to climb into my stationary desk and hide in the draws. But the all time favourite sleeping spot is on top of our antique cupboards.
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